Frequently Asked Questions

Documents and expenses for the purchase and sale of the property.

1. Photocopies of IDs or passports and photocopies of public documents indicating the parties’ VAT.

2. Previous contracts of the property.

3. Issue of a certificate of non-arbitration and a certificate of energy efficiency by an engineer.

4. From the cadastral office or land registry of the area where the property has been recorded, cadastral diagram extract and cadastral sheet.

5. ENFIA Certificate in which the seller states that in the last five years before the date of transfer he has declared to the E9 the property exactly as stated in the title deeds.

6. Certificate of TAP by the municipality for non-payment of real estate debt.

7. Tax clearance for debts to the public issued by the tax office and indicated the sale / transfer / donation property

8. Seller’s insurance information if employing staff.

9. In case the seller has acquired the property by inheritance, he must also present a certificate of non-tax inheritance tax issued by the tax office where the property is registered.

10. In a real estate transaction, each party is required to collect supporting documents to successfully complete the process of signing the contracts.

In any case, contact the notary where the deed will be drawn up.

1. Photocopy of identity card or passport.

2. Payment of property transfer tax drawn up by the notary in a special statement to the competent tax office

3. In the case of a tax exemption for the purchase of a first home, the buyer should submit to the tax office a statement stating that he has not previously used the roght of tax exemption for a first home purchase and has no other property in full ownership.

4. Copies of the last 5 years of income statement.

5. An approved from the tax office copy of the E9 form .

6. The married person needs a marital status certificate and a responsible statement with content to be provided by the tax office.

7. When the final contracts are signed, the notary shall deposit a copy with the Registry to transcribe the property to the Land Registry.

1. ΦΜΑ 3% of the value stated in the contract. It concerns non-newly built properties.

2. VAT 24% on the commercial value of the property and relates to new buildings sold by construction companies.

3. Notary fees.
Usually ranges from 1.0% -1.5% on the highest value stated in the contract.

4. Real estate agent fee.
The payment is made in half, on the day the contract is signed and the remainder in the contract.
Agency fee is the amount that you have signed the hint property command and not subject to thresholds.
It is freely tradable and usually ranges from 2% on the buyer’s side and 2% on the seller’s side.

5. Attorney fees.
Legal support during the real estate purchase process ensures the smooth and safe completion of the process to the maximum.
It is usually 1% -1.5% on the highest in value contract.
The remuneration is subject to agreement between the buyer and the lawyer.

6. Tax on OTA Up to 3% of the transfer tax is calculated.

7. Cadastre.
Land taxes include registration rights, certificates and stamp duty. They are estimated at 0.475% -0.575% of the value of the property listed in the contract, plus 24% value added tax.

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